Best of 2019 Weddings & Elopements

Melissa Blunden

iceland, new orleans, pennsylvania, victoria, banff, jasper, golden, utah, idaho – OH MY – here are is the Best of 2019 Weddings & Elopements Post!

Best of 2019 Weddings & Elopements 2019 Year Review
How to sum up 2019 in one word? Maybe “WOW” or “breathtaking” or even “HECKYAWEDIDIT” (that’s one word, right?). It is the last weekend of the decade & I’m splitting my year-end blog post into a couple different versions:

First up this weekend was Part 1; My Favourite Instagram Shares over the year! It’s no secret I post on Instagram a lot more than on Facebook. This year I decided an Instagram Review would be a great way to share all of the sessions you may have missed!

But now we are looking at Part 2 – Best of 2019 Weddings & Elopements

This is one of my favourite blog posts of every year to do – side note: did you see the 2018 review yet? – a complete look at all of my client adventures and elopements from 2019, and a short review of the work I’ve done o

n my business over the course of the past year! Watch the video above, or slide through the images one by one in the following post!


Adventure Elopement

If you enjoyed this 2019 Year Review – Best of 2019 Weddings & Elopements post, please make sure to read my 2019 Instagram Review Post & my 2018 Year Review Post


  1. Sherry Nelsen

    WOW! Just WOW! What a gorgeous collection from 2019. I love each and every photo. Especially the ones from Banff. You are an amazing elopement and adventure photographer!

  2. Amanda

    So many wonderfully excited Levite’s shots. Incredible work.

  3. sara

    wow it looks like you had an absolutely amazing year! these shots are so stunning! congratulations on a great 2019

  4. Caitlin Richard

    Wow, so many beautiful timeless shots. What an impressive and wonderful year for you all! Here’s to a 2020 that’s just as amazing!

  5. Deanna Veerman

    Awe-inspiring work! I saw your part 1 post and am equally stunned here. Incredible work. I LOVE the one of the couple standing on their Toyota with her dress hanging down. So many beautiful pictures!

  6. Kostas Petsas

    What a year! Looks like you had so much fun shooting weddings and elopements all over the US, in Canada and Iceland and creating so beautiful pictures! Your slideshow and photos above sum things up in the best possible way.
    Happy new year my friend Melissa.
    Big hug from Greece

  7. Jessica

    A beautiful second part to your year in review! I love how you can feel the surroundings in the images that you take – from the warmest warms to the coolest cools in the mountains. You had such an amazing year!

  8. Henry Tieu

    Seriously are you kidding me? These photos are so precious and I am so so so happy for you and all these epic adventures. Can’t wait to see what you will be doing in 2020 🙂

  9. Katy Homan

    Ah – these are amazing!! Love the beautiful variety of all the wonderful elopement adventures that you have captured. You are so talented!!


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