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What the heck is adventure (ish)?

Maybe trekking 10kms up a mountain isn’t really your thing and doesn't embody your dream adventure elopement ideas! I just want you to know THAT IS OKAY! And there is no judgement here! I think adventuring should be for everyone, and that is why I send you the best questionnaire after you're booked in so I can get to know you both and help with planning elopements!
I remember as a child my dad LEAVING ME ALONE on a mountain with recent cougar activity because I was too slow of a hiker for him.

Guys. I was like 3 feet tall and we were scrambling over boulders twice my size. Hi abandonment issues - I see you. While the full story is now hilarious, when told in person... I don't ever want to make clients worry that this is what will happen during your time with me!

I'll tell you a not so secret secret:

I kinda suck at hiking - 10 points to whoever can find the image of me on my site sporting a bloody knee cap from when I fractured it walking on FLAT SURFACES in Ireland!

So my promise to those of you this resonates with is :
I will find you the perfectly epic location that requires only a little of the adventure-ish effort from you! We will work together to pick the best locations and create an amazing timeline that reflects YOU as a couple and the story you want to tell.

Remember you are your own hero <3 Thanks for coming to my TedTalk today!

Banff Adventure Elopement

What are Full Day Elopements

and why would I want one?

Why are traditional couples expected to have full-day coverage, but eloping couples are not? Ask yourself why society thinks that because you are eloping, your dream adventure elopement wedding is any less important than other couples wedding day?  Is this true?

Heck no, what an outdated idea!

I think you know that too, or you wouldn’t be here!
You know that you deserve to have the most beautiful images to hold onto for the rest of your life, to share with friends and family. Images that showcase the entire story of your wedding day – so no matter what your dream adventure elopement wedding looks like – if it’s a trip overseas, a helicopter flight over a glacier, hiking up a mountain at sunrise with your doggos, or maybe driving down the coast and dipping your toes in the ocean – you know you can count on me to be there and encourage you along the way, from the planning and logistics phases, to actually getting out there exploring this gorgeous world with you on one of the best days of your life!

adventure couple with headlamp

How much time do we need for our elopement?

On average, my couples book 8+ hours, but how much time you need depends on so many different things!

What do you want to remember most from the day?
Do you two love doing any specific hobbies together?
How can we create the best day ever, that just feels so like you?

How to elope and planning elopements can be so overwhelming since literally anything is possible when it comes to your dream adventure elopement wedding planning. But don't worry, I have an in-depth questionnaire I send to all my clients to help us work together to find the perfect, unique locations for you.

beautiful sunset couples photos at Moraine Lake

We are thinking of inviting a few guests, can we?


I would never dream of telling my clients that they cannot bring family or friends to their wedding day. It is YOUR wedding day afterall- this is about you, not me!

It is really important to me to work with clients who value epic intimate portraits, so I do not take on clients with over 30 guests attending their day.

With our timeline building, we are going to customize your day and if you do have friends or family joining us for your ceremony, we can create an experience that involves everyone, and then we will slip away on our own for your couples portraits.

Take a look through my sample timelines to see more ideas on how this could work!

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