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Peyto Lake Adventure Couple | Cedar Lane Weddings

The Story behind this beautiful Peyto Lake Adventure Couple Session

In July Allie & James were visiting Canada from eastern USA when they sent me a message to see if I was able to shoot an adventure session with them. Their original photographer was turned away at the USA/Canada border! This is a reality for people who do not having a Work Permit.

Allie & James were looking to have an adventure at Peyto Lake.

We lucked out during this Peyto Lake Adventure! Parks Canada has road work scheduled which will close all access to Peyto Lake. However, the upcoming work was delayed. We made it to this epic location, even spotting two black bears along the way! Allie was so excited to see the bears!

It was a sunny and warm day, one of the few we had all year here. I truly believe that was just for them! We hiked up to the lookout, where all the tourist buses give their patrons 10-15 minutes to stand around. We left them behind us to continue to a secret (not so secret, but definitely not as heavily visited) location up further the mountain.

adventure elopement couple with backpacks in Banff National Park

The Journey

The Hike up to the secret rock pile with these two was so exhilarating. There are no wayfinding spots. No barriers between you and the edge. Just a small animal trail to follow that breaks off in multiple directions. These two had only met me minutes before, but trusted me to guide them somewhere they had never been. Somewhere that felt so wild. James was so willing and adventurous, and Allie was right there beside him every step of the way.

I couldn’t get them to stop laughing at each other, and honestly I didn’t want them to. There was just so much loving energy all around us.⁣⁣

I learned pretty quickly that Allie is a total badass.  She was climbing all over huge boulders in her dress, getting on top of big rocks to check out the view below — she was down for ANYTHING. A total gazelle! Or maybe a mountain sheep?

As we neared the end of our session, we stood at the top waiting for sunset sunrise and we realized it we hadn’t seen a soul for the entire time we were there; all 4 hours was just for Allie + James to connect as a couple, to experience being ridiculously in love and adorable, to be just them.⁣⁣

The first humans we saw, apart from us, was at the bus stop lookout, on our hike back down after the sun had set.⁣⁣

I love to stretch the boundaries of what couples think their elopement day can be, because it’s not just about 8-12-16 hours of photos. It’s about exchanging the most meaningful, private vows with your partner, crafting an epic adventure experience just the two of you.⁣⁣

Here are some of my favourites of Allie & James during their Peyto Lake Adventure:

Couple sitting on rock ovelooking Peyto Lake, Banff National Park

Important note. Access to Peyto Lake is closed until construction on the parking lot and road is completed in 2021.
The Peyto Lake and Bow Summit day use area will close until winter for improvements. Improvements to the upper and lower parking lots, viewing platform, trails, wayfinding and restrooms. The area will reopen for winter use. It will close again for the duration of the 2020 summer season while improvements are completed. Bow Lake, 6 km south of Bow Summit, is a separate location and is unaffected by this work.” – Parks Canada

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  1. Lucy

    Girl, this is CRAZY beautiful!!! It sucks that their original photographer was turned away (one of my big fears and the reason I’ll probably just never f with shooting in Canada), but it’s amazing that you were able to step in, because LOOK what you made!! Definitely did their love justice! ❤

  2. Jeff Brummett Visuals

    What an incredible location for an adventurous couple to explore! I’m digging that last Gif =)

  3. Stephanie Betsill

    Wowwwww. Peyto Lake definitely doesn’t disappoint! Amazing photos.

  4. Aimee Flynn

    That first photo is AMAZING. Holy cow this location is freaking unreal. Obsessed with every image.

  5. Raini

    Oh my word, what a gorgeous couple and epic location. These photos are stunning ♥️

  6. Heather Huie

    OMG the water in these pics is goals 🙂

  7. Caroline Ellis

    Wow! You captured this entire location and couple so well! So gorgeous

  8. Kate Hampson

    Amazing, just amazing. So incredibly pretty and so lucky for them that their photographer couldn’t make it!

  9. Shant

    Beautiful Imagery!!! all of the pictures are crispy clean.. haha specially the last one


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